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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 430  NBC  August 31, 2010 3:30am-4:00am PST

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area beach. the attack that happened uncomfortably coast to shore and swimmers. two men arrested and the question is was there a terror plot in the making? good morning. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm brent cannon. time is 4:30. meteorologist rob mayeda has the day off. we want to check in with kris. she's filling in and taking care of the duties. >> you can expect today more of what we saw yesterday. tomorrow things will start to heat up.
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8:00 this morning, patchy low clouds. temperatures around the 50 degree mark around the bay area. noontime, 60s along the coast. 77 san jose. 76 napa. heating up throughout the bay area. by 4:00, we see some warming. 80s for the east bay and north bay. south bay, san francisco 69. cool along the coastline. we'll get your seven-day forecast coming up. >> want to say good tuesday morning to mike who has a look at construction going on. >> good morning, laura, good morning, brent. construction crews working hard northbound 101 at blossom hill road/silver creek on and off-ramp currently blocked until 5:00. you see some slowing up through the area. just north of burnell up towards blossom hill, up to maybe hellyer for that zone. speeds in the 40s as that
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repaving project occurs. 880 to 87, no major slowing. back to you. a white shark attack caught on tape. surfers in the water and on shore watched in horror where just a few hundred yards out a white shark chomped on a seal. this morning the warning signs are up, stay out of the water. jean elie has more. >> reporter: surfers paddle out at linda mar beach despite the warnings. >> i surf all around here, mavericks, rock way, every local spot around here. and i've never seen a great white. >> reporter: this longtime surfer might ignore those warnings, but this time he saw what pacifica police say was an 18 to 25-foot great white devour a sea lion. >> just thrash the water while blood was just squirting and water was just violently thrashing up in the air.
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i don't know how high it was going. but it was a very large shark. >> reporter: he grabbed his camera and caught the shark's fin whipping through the water, just 200 yards west of the popular surf break. he hopped in a boat to tell surfers to get out. scientists believe great white sharks spend time in northern california between august and december. feeding in an area called the red triangle which stretches from bodega bay to big sur and out to the fairlawn island. a shark attacked a kayaker in san mateo county just a few weeks ago. he survived and has a kayak and paddle punctured with teeth marks as a reminder of the encounter. this surfer didn't get that close and he is rattled. >> i'm not going to surf for a couple days. >> reporter: pacifica police hope word will spread. police are talking with experts to see how long the
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warning sign also stay up. an investigation is under way into a possible hate crime in the east bay. somebody vandalized offices near downtown hayward including the naacp headquarters. there was a second attack which leads some to question whether or not it was random. nbc area's cheryl hurd has more. >> reporter: as you can see, the windows are boarded up. two weekends in a row, shattered glass. the president of this organization is hoping that it's not a hate crime. >> we've never had problems like this before. >> reporter: troubling someone would break a window here at the district office not once but twice. >> they said it could be a hate crime. >> reporter: these are pictures showing what president freddie davis saw when she came here last week and then again yesterday. she says she got a flashback from the time she marched with dr. martin luther king jr. when she was 15 years old. >> i'm very familiar with rocks being thrown into people's homes, that happened in birmingham. so when that happened when i walked in this office and saw
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that, for a moment there i thought i was back in birmingham. >> reporter: hayward police detectives are not ruling out a hate crime. >> we can't assume one way or the other. unfortunately, we also can't assume automatically that it's a hate crime. >> prior to this we have been receiving phone calls of people not understanding the position regarding the tea party. >> reporter: davis is referring to a recently passed resolution by the national naacp chapter that condemns extremist elements that they say are tied to the tea party. they want tea party leaders to put an end to signs like these that read, "obama is a muslim," "impeach obama." the naacp wants tea partiers to stop using them at their rallies. >> there's a lot of tension and stuff going on that ought not to be. >> reporter: davis says she is hoping this doesn't signal the beginning of problems for the civil rights group in the bay area. >> i can't imagine who would do this. >> reporter: cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. scary moments on board an
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alaska airlines plane forced to make an maernlgcy landing at los angeles international airport after pilots reported a bird strike. the flight 707 had just taken off bound for vancouver and was about a mile and a half west of the airport when it happened. the pilot returned to the airport so the plane could be checked out for damage. it landed safely just before 9:30. so far no reports of injuries or damage to that plane. two men are under arrest this morning for suspicious items found in their luggage. what's not confirmed is whether or not they may have been charged with staging a terror plot. dutch authorities detained ahmed al soofi and hezam al murisi as they got offamsterdam. he first came to law enforcement's attention in birmingham because of bulky clothing while checking in his luggage, though, security found a pepto-bismol bottle, three cell phones taped together and several watches taped together. some reports do say that the tsa also found a knife and some box cutters.
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despite those finds, al soofi was allowed to board a flight to chicago where he met al murisi. the two men then took a flight to amsterdam. they were detained by dutch authorities. both live and work in dearborn, michigan. this morning a warning for shoppers on the peninsula after a rash of car break-ins. police tell us thieves have broken into 28 cars in two weeks near downtown palo alto and the stanford shopping center. stolen, gps units, cell phones, laptops. more officers are patrolling that area, but it's best not to leave valuables in the car but rather in the trunk. the fremont police officer shot in the line of duty last week is doing better. officer todd young is in serious but stable condition. he was shot friday in oakland as he tried to arrest andrew barrientos on domestic violence charges. police tracked down 20-year-old andrew barrientos to san diego and arrested him just 30 feet
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from the border. police say he has confessed to the shooting and two other people are also now in custody for harboring him as he was on the run. it is 4:37 now. time to check the morning commute. usually early construction going on. >> that's about all that's going on. the chp incident report cleared of incidents as far as accidents or injuries. we have construction on southbound 880, fremont boulevard that should be clearing and the overnight scheduled closure of auto mall parkway picked up. 880 itself moves smoothly between auto mall and mission boulevard. northbound 880 at tennison road, we had a closure. that is scheduled to reopen at 4:30. eastbound off of the san mateo bridge, maybe a reroute at hesperian for the next couple of minutes, but that is scheduled to pick up. a live look at the san mateo
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bridge in the next report. >> rob is off, kris is in. she has a look at the forecast. >> we can expect a cool start to the morning then a warm day, though not the warmest day of the week. 40s and 50s to start the day. 70s and 80s by midday. later this week heating up more. by 8:00 heading off to the bus stop or off to work or the muni stop, you can expect 56 in san francisco, 58 in redwood city. 58 in los gatos. concord also around the 50 to 60 degree mark. by noontime t will turn breezy. we expect temperatures to go up about ten degrees. in the 70s for most of the bay area. in the east bay, a couple of hot spots. 87 by 4:00. 86 in gilroy. if you're along the coastline, 69 for san francisco. cooler temperatures throughout the day. here's the warm-up we are talking about. the warmest day will be on wednesday. it's going to the hot inland at
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92. along the coastline, temperatures around the 70s. >> thanks, kris. it is 4:39 now. no police, no government, no one to maintain order. sound like science fiction? it's very real and happening in one bay area city. and movies move online. youtube taking on netflix. and what's behind the move to cut the cable tv cord? the growing trend to scale back on cable.
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welcome back. time is 4:43. getting you started with all the news you need to know in the morning. keep you posted with traffic and weather coming up in about three minutes. a local truancy program could become law in the state of california. if passed, parents would pay for their kids ditching class with jail time. the bill by san francisco senator mark reno would make it a misdemeanor punishable by up to a year in jail. the assembly passed it yesterday. getting a police officer to respond to problems in one bay area city has been nearly impossible. city of vallejo is bankrupt and seen its police force shrink by more than 40%. many taxpayers now feel they're on their own. as jodi hernandez shows us, police are doing what they can
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but people still feel unprotected. >> i want my daughter back. i'll do anything in the world to get her back home where she's supposed to be. >> reporter: carlos martin is desperate for help in bringing his 5-year-old daughter home. he's got a court order granting him full custody and instructing law enforcement to assist him. but, he says, the girl's mom refuses to turn her over. and vallejo police refuse to step in and help. >> they stated that they will not help me because they are low on staff. this town of vallejo police department won't get up and do one good job to get my daughter back home. >> reporter: martin is not the only one frustrated and angry. we watched person after person go to the vallejo police department only to learn no one is available to respond to their problems. >> i think it's unsafe.
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no one is safe because there are no policemen anywhere. not even at the police station. i think it's horrible. i think it's really horrible. it makes me not want to be in vallejo, that's for sure. it's just scary. you just can't get a policeman when you need one. >> we do the best job we can trying to solve services. but when you have that much work to do, some thing also fall off the plate. >> reporter: this spokesman says officers are working harder than ever. but faced with a shrinking budget, the force has lost 68 officers in the last five years. even the canine unit and s.w.a.t. teams have been temporarily dismantled. nonviolent calls are simply not a priority. >> i understand if someone was a victim of that, they would speak out and that it's important, i completely understand that. but when we only have a few detectives or a few officers to be able to handle such calls, we have to spend most of our time with what the public would
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consider to be the most important crimes. >> reporter: the department has had to limit its lobby hours to just three days a week. even on days it's supposed to be open, it's sometimes not. >> if we get one or two people calling in sick, that calls for an additional day being closed for the lobby because we have no one to open it. >> stop messing around with people's lives. this is very serious. you need to open up these doors and let us come in and do our business. >> reporter: martin's outraged. he doesn't know where to turn. when we told him about his case, he said martin needs to be patient. >> he just has to be persistent. we will get to him as soon as we can get to him. >> reporter: but martin says that's not good enough. with his daughter set to start first grade on wednesday, he needs her home. >> she's my angel. and that's all i think about every day. she's the only thing that keeps me up. and without me being up, i go to
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work every day frustrated. i can't focus without thinking about my daughter. what's going on? why don't i have help? >> reporter: it's a question countless others are asking, too. in vallejo, jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> tough stories there. police say they don't see things changing any time soon. so far no plans to beef up the force. the next chapter in the plastic bag battle could be written state-wide. the senate today is expected to vote on a bill that would make california the first state in the nation to ban plastic bags at grocery stores and large pharmacies. the bill passed the assembly in june. opponents say the legislation would put a lot of people out of work, though. but some in the recyclable bag industry say not necessarily. >> it brings a lot of jobs for us. you know, keeps my family and other people's families around here going. >> the american chemistry council, which represents plastic bag makers opposes the bill.
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if the bill is sent to the governor and signed by september 30, plastic bags would be prohibited beginning in 2012. wall street investors could be looking at the first losing august in five years. courtney reagan live at cnbc headquarters with a market preview. good morning. >> reporter: futures are lower now. that's a carry-over from yesterday's selloff. we saw this drop in the markets during the day. it accelerated into the close. that was on continued concerns about this weak economy and what we are going through now with this kind of worry about the double-dip possibility. asian markets fell overnight. europe is lower. not a lot of positive momentum from our trading partners overseas. we will get lots of data, manufacturing, consumer confidence as well as other numbers in the afternoon. we will start trading at 10,009. the nasdaq lost 33 points to
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begin trading today at 2119. a new federal rule this year requiring mortgage lenders to give borrowers a reliable estimate of their closing costs appears to be working but it is not clear if it is costing them more money. real estate experts say the rise is due to lenders having to hire more people process loans and process the new rules. back to you. >> more and more people are cutting the cable cord these days. as scott budman tells us, the decision is partly because of the recession but also because of the choices we have thanks to technology. >> reporter: when 19-year-old joshua deesey shops for a laptop, he's taking his entire media experience into account. because for joshua, and an
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increasing number of people, his favorite shows come from the internet and not a cable company. >> to follow them, i just go on to either the website of the station itself or go to places like hulu and, you know, watch it there. it's free and i can watch it wherever i want because i can take my laptop. >> reporter: make no mistake, tvs are still selling, but for the first time in history, research group snl kagan says people are cutting back on paid tv. snipping the cable cord partly due to recession. partly due to frustration. >> the cable companies are bringing a lot of this on themselves. paying $110 a month for basically an okay cable package which don't have a lot of movie packages and stuff like that. >> all the abililternatives and
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different ways to watch tv on your own schedule, and that's important, if it's on your own schedule. >> reporter: there are lots of ways to get tv to your tv like hulu or tivo. movies? try streaming from netflix or cinema now. even tvs have apps that let you stream internet content with the push of a button. no cable needed, and with the money you save -- >> you see the larger tv go out with the internet tv function. from your remote you can watch netflix and watch a movie without touching your computer. >> reporter: or, if you're joshua, stick to the computer without the cable. as we have reported, blockbuster is another victim of technology. there are bankruptcy rumors swirling around the company. we also expect new tv options coming from apple. a new battle brewing in silicon valley? google is dialing up a plan that
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lets you stream movies and tv shows via youtube. they are talking with major hollywood studios to create a pay-per-view service. netflix is not happy because it would force them to go head to head with the media giant. hurricane earl is now barrelling towards the east coast sending vacationers home in droves. by thursday it could hit north carolina and by friday maybe early saturday it might reach the greater new york area. earl knocked out power to tens of thousands of islanders on its trek across the atlantic. the hurricane is now a category 4 storm. experts are urging homeowners along the east coast to prepare for winds and possible flooding. >> certainly mild here in comparison to what is going on there. we want to check in with kris sanchez in for rob. she has a look at the forecast and we will see a rise in temperatures again. >> every time she fills in, we get the hot temperatures.
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>> i know. it i thought the satellite loop wasn't working because there's nothing on it. turns out it's all up here. "h" stands for happy and hot. and that high ridge of pressure, it will be pushing more warm temperatures through the bay area. by the morning time, as you head out the door this morning, patchy low clouds, cool along the coastline. cool on the east bay and the south bay, even those hot spots we were used to seeing. by noontime, we have temperatures separating a bit. 68 in san francisco and turning breezy. so you'll want to spritz the flies away this morning. 82 in concord, 83 in livermore. things warm up around 4:00 as you pick the kids up. 88 in concord. 80 in san jose. warm along the coastline. here is a look at your seven-day forecast. today will be nice and warm. tomorrow even warmer.
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thursday, too. then the heat will dissipate by the weekend. we will see another cooling trend up and down is what we're seeing so far right now. >> thank you very much. also checking in with mike taking a peek at our morning commute. >> there's construction scheduled on this stretch of 92 between 101 and 280 until 7:00 a.m. for some spots. a lane blocked mere. a portion there. repaving project going on there like in san jose. a live look at the san mateo bridge. coming off the peninsula side, nice clear view. clear shot of that high rise. things are moving smoothly and no delays on either side. that construction on the san mateo side as well as over towards 880. the south bay, construction zone at blossom hill. silver creek, the on-ramp there, the on and off-ramp report the close at blossom hill until
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potentially at 6:00 a.m. however, i have seen speeds that were below 50 now around 50. that's an indicator that crews are starting to move from around the area. they may be picking up here. no major delays throughout the rest of the northbound routes coming out of the south bay. the bay bridge, where a lot of people will be focused in the next hour and a half. a nice steady flow off of the maze. about an 18-minute drive off the carquinez bridge. coming off the lower deck, no problems. keep in mind, the overnight construction is still there for the upper and lower deck. upper deck should be cleared in a few minutes. lower deck in a few minutes. laura? ♪ >> think you have some smooth dancing moves? just ahead we'll take you to argentina for the world tango contest wh oeerthf best
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dancers are competing. b
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a hole ripped in the side of a jet engine. scary moments for a flight forced to land moments after it took off the ground. president obama is expected to talk about the end of combat operations in iraq tonight. there are probably a couple words you will not hear him say. and a look at the golden gate bridge. the crew is ready to move the center divide for the morning
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commute. i'm waiting to see if the construction will clear in oakla oakland. good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm brent cannon. time is just about 5:00. rob is off today, but kris is here with a look at tuesday forecast. >> good morning. i hope you like roller coasters, we are seeing a little bit of up today, then down, then later this week another ramp up. we'll tell you what to expect when in a few minutes. >> hurricane earl is making its mark over the atlantic ocean now. earl is a category 4 hurricane packing 135-mile-per-hour winds. the national hurricane center says earl will likely head northwest later today and could


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